Any rule breaches are reviewed and determined by the INFINITY ARK Team

◈ English only in general chat.

◈ Third party programs are not allowed.

The following (but not limited to) exploits are not allowed:

◈ Building, traveling through or attacking from under the mesh or outside the maps boundaries. ( hitting, biting, poison balling or fire breathing through walls or surfaces )

◈ No Duplication of Items, Dinos or Characters.

◈ Unintended building mechanics such as floating structures or structures that take no damage.

◈ Placing excessive quantities of C4 to prevent hostile C4 from being placed.

◈ Impersonating Staff is a punishable offense.

◈ Same tribe members across the cluster Social Rules.

◈ No actions that are unlawful, abusive, defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially offensive.

◈ Promotions of other servers or products.

◈ Intentionally trying to bypass the [PVE] Plugin to gain an unfair advantage.

◈ Excessive harassment of a player or tribe.

◈ Attacking or griefing player with PVE Protection. Building Rules.

◈ Blocking access, with the use of turrets or structures.

◈ No building in Pearl or Ice cave on Center.

◈ No building in Base Locations that can’t soaked by a Dinosaur.

◈ Don’t build on or around the obelisks on any of the maps.

◈ Don’t build in caves containing Artifacts Raiding Rules.

◈ All platform Dinos must be targetable/damaged by turrets.

◈ Quetzal bombing is not allowed.

◈ While PVE you are not allowed to do anything to a PvP or PVE base – Fobbing, Soaking, Attacking.

◈ Paracer C4 running is allowed.

◈ After a failed or successful raid remove your FOB.

◈ Raids are 1 vs 1 – Only tribe members from Attacking and Defending tribes should be involved – If you see a raid taking place do not interfere.